Why I participated in the Climb Out of The Darkness® 2018 event.

I climbed to mark my climb out of the darkness of depression and anxiety. Hiking Mt. Longonot for the second time as a mom was exciting for me. This time I was climbing for a cause that symbolised my struggle with grief, depression, suicide attempts, anxiety;and my journey to recovery.


Still a Mum

I just bumped across this post in honor of Mother’s Day from naturallynn.com
Have a read and be enlightened like I have been.



There are many things that can ruin your Sunday afternoon. For me, is when Kenya power willingly go ahead and decide that we need a break from the continuous supply of electricity, and so the black –out lives on. I am bored to death; I’ve done everything possible to lure it out but nothing.

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When Being Strong is the Only Option

Did you know that everyone out there is battling their own unique challenges and issues we have no clue about? Many are the times we are too preoccupied with our own troubles/problems that we can hardly notice. Sometimes we even want to blame others for our troubles and forget that they are also fighting harder …

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